MVJFCA would like to take the time to "THANK" all players who participated in our RAFFLE! Because of your efforts we are able to equip our players with some of the best equipment around, and furnish the Jersey and Pants that each player will use during the season. I also want to identify a few kids who went above and beyond by being our TOP SELLERS!

2nd Place Seller - Gabriella Sirabella - $100 Target Gift Card
1st Place Seller - Kinley Ruder - $250 Target Gift Card
3rd Place Seller - Byron Hays - $100 Target Gift Card
2nd Place Seller - Ben Fitterer - Apple iPod Touch
1st Place Seller - Hayden Heller - X-Box ONE!

We would also like to congratulate the following winners of prizes during our 2014 Fund-Raising Raffle:
55" LED - HDTV - Jen Rhodes
IPAD - Jamie Kurzen
Digital Camera - Vonda Norman
Playstation PS3 - Kristopher Twigg
XBOX360 - Jeanette Davidson
Jamaal Charles Football - Rex Martin
Chiefs Players Football - Jay White
Hereford House Gift Card - Gina Nick, Scott Hayes
Snap Fitness Gift Cert. - Robert Leyva
AMC Movie Passes - Brittany Gonser, Alaric Knapp
Pegahs Gift Certificates - Juanita Haden, Arik Stenstrom
Paulo & Bills Gift Card - Scott Newby
Tanners Gift Card - Rob Hoback, Lake Williams
Twisted Gift Card - Greg Coup
Pizza West Gift Cert. - Grant Heinson
Peppers Gift Card - Michele Jones
Sombreros - Andi Zigmant

All of the above have been called, but if you have not received your prize, please call me to arrange to get it picked up. 913-207-2339, Jeff

Please let all of the above businesses know that you appreciate their support of Mill Valley Football.